Why OOH Advertising Is Booming

Out Of Home advertising appears to have bucked the trend, not only surviving the recession but actually enjoying increasing popularity. While budgets for press and TV advertising are slowly decreasing, more is being spent on OOH advertising than ever before.This trend is likely to persist. With longer working hours and increased leisure opportunities, consumers are spending more time outside their homes than ever before. It is therefore likely that OOH advertising will continue to benefit from the opportunities being created to reach ever larger audiences.Advantages of OOH AdvertisingBy means of OOH advertising, companies wishing to build a brand can reach large numbers of potential customers at a much lower cost than peak time TV advertising.The sheer size of the medium allows advertisers to get creative and make an impact on their target audience. The vivid colours, striking images and punchy tag lines used ensure that consumers are more likely to remember the brands behind the campaigns.From billboards at the side of major roads to a building wrap which envelops the frontage of an entire building, OOH advertising is everywhere. It enables advertisers to draw consumers’ attention all day from the moment they step out of their home, thus reinforcing the marketing message.Integration with Other MediaA growing number of brands are now choosing to integrate OOH advertising into their wider marketing campaigns. An excellent example is HTC’s recent ‘Exceptional’ campaign to mark the launch of the HTC One mobile phone in the UK.HTC ran an interactive banner advertising design competition which offered many of the UK’s young creative a chance to have their work installed onto blowUP media’s Giant Posters promoting HTC One Mobile in major cities. This campaign was a huge hit with the public and industry leaders.Bright futureFashion advertising is a sector that particularly lends itself to large format advertising. The success enjoyed by many OOH campaigns for clothing brands and luxury goods means that these big budget advertisers will continue using OOH media for branding purposes and tactical campaigns.OOH advertising is a rapidly evolving sector. It is likely that in the near future OOH media will become even larger and more innovative, offering consumers increased opportunity for engagement and interaction.In the coming years, innovative forms of OOH infrastructure, platforms and advances in technology, particularly the development of electronic media, will provide brands with an unprecedented opportunity to reach out to consumers and dominate urban landscapes.

One Surefire and Effective Way to Advertise Online

Advertising can be an extremely cost-effective way to grow your business, if it’s done well. After all, its very purpose is to let others know about who you are and what you do. The ultimate goal is to gain customers and increase revenue through attractive images, catchy slogans and hopefully, a quality product.Whether you are a small business owner, Internet marketer, not-for-profit organization or large corporation, advertising is a very critical part of what you do.There are many types of advertising to choose from, and depending on your business and your product, some advertising outlets may be more beneficial than others. From television to newspapers, billboards and radio, advertising opportunities have historically run the gamut from small and inexpensive, to large and exponentially costly.The Internet, in all of its worldwide reaching glory, is the perfect place to advertise for almost any business, as you have the best chance of reaching the most people. And what’s more, you can target your market through multiple tactics, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keywords, and simply choosing when and where to place your ads. Much like you would choose which magazine to run your advertisement in, you can often choose which websites your ad will appear on, or which directories you will be listed in.For Google customers, there are many options for advertising, including:
Google AdWords for those looking to create ads/advertise
Google AdSense for those looking to include targeted ads on their website(s) in order to earn moneyGoogle’s advertising opportunities are perfect if you are looking to make money without investing a lot, if any cash up front. When a business chooses to place AdSense advertisements on their website, advertisers benefit from relevant and targeted placement, making sure their advertising only costs them money when it is actually working. What a novel idea, right? It makes so much sense, yet often, advertising does NOT work this way.Google will only charge an advertiser when their ads are being clicked. Every time a web user clicks on a Google AdSense ad, the website owner who placed it there receives a commission and the advertiser is charged for the click. It’s one, big interconnected web of logical advertising that benefits everyone involved.So, how is Google AdSense good for advertisers? It’s a simple advertising solution. It’s effective. It allows for maximum exposure to a targeted audience who are inherently ingratiated toward your product and/or service. And the bottom line is that it really does work! Most importantly, it helps us all increase sales and ultimately, make more money.For advertisers, of course you pay for your ads (but an extremely low fee) but the benefit of increasing visibility and gaining new customers from those ads far outweighs the minimal cost. Afterall, that is the very purpose of your advertising in the first place, isn’t it? So take advantage of this extremely cost-effective advertising outlet and let Google AdSense help you along your journey to growing your business and your revenue stream!

Automotive Marketing Research, Tips to Find the Best Firm

The automotive industry is growing at a rapid pace. The success of a product is directly proportional to the amount of research that has gone into making the product. Hence, automotive marketing research is integral to the entire process of product development and feedback. This type of research entails various specialized areas. That’s precisely where experienced research firms play a significant role starting right from the preliminary product design research stage.
Automobile events are a fertile ground to conduct research and empower you with information that will make your brand stronger. Automobile event research needs to be carefully carried out to get you the right results from live events. Let’s take a look at some specialized automotive marketing research areas:• Car clinics: Static automobile clinics are effective automotive marketing research tools that help in new product development and feedback. It is advisable to choose a firm that can conduct clinics of all sizes with the number of vehicles ranging from 1-2 to as many as 90 or more if so required. The research firm in questions should be able to handle a large number of respondents across multiple cities. The use of hand-held, touch screen computers makes data easy to collect, process, analyze and integrate.• Drive clinics: There are different types of drive clinics such as Open Course Drive Clinics, Closed Course Drive Clinics and Motorcycle Ride Clinics that help to get realistic feedback about various aspects of driving a vehicle. A good research firm should be able to provide experienced, well-trained and flexible interviewers who can get maximum information from respondents while controlling a dynamic situation. Closed course drive clinics are an ideal way to get respondents to experience the exact same driving conditions across all drive vehicles. A closed course could include stadium parking lots, NASCAR tracks, road race courses, skid pads, drag strips, blocked off sections of public roadways, etc.• Auto show research: These events are among the most cost-effective ways to get customer feedback in a clinic-style setting. At such events, interviewers from a research firm conduct intercept interviews with event attendees. Automobile event research could include several different types of events such as auto shows, power sports events, vendor display and race events and enthusiast events. It is advisable to choose a research firm that has experience in conducting research across all of these events while employing randomized respondent selection techniques.So whether it is the initial product design research or final customer satisfaction research, it is advisable to find a firm that has experience in different facts of automotive marketing research.